Voir® Prevent electromagnetic wave (EMC type) waterproof and breathable film


  The PMU division of Voir recently launched voir pre vent anti electromagnetic wave waterproof, dust-proof and breathable film material, providing a new protection scheme for 5g outdoor communication field with high requirements of electromagnetic wave compatibility.

  Voir® Prevent electromagnetic wave (EMC type) waterproof and breathable film is mainly made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). After formula improvement, the new special formula material maintains the excellent physical and chemical properties of PTFE and is endowed with the function of reducing electromagnetic wave interference (EMC). The material can be directly applied or made into small protective components to meet the requirements of small chamber space application of communication equipment. On the basis of waterproof and dustproof ip69k, high air permeability can quickly balance the stress difference between inside and outside the power unit of communication equipment, so as to cope with the harsh outdoor conditions.

      Voir®  Pre-vent electromagnetic wave (EMC type) waterproof and breathable functional film is suitable for all kinds of outdoor sealed electronic and electrical equipment that need waterproof, dustproof and air permeability, especially 5g outdoor communication equipment and various electronic modules with high requirements in electromagnetic wave compatibility. Different from the traditional PTFE breathable film, the product has a higher degree of protection, simple installation and multiple functions. It is a very good choice for engineering designers to challenge the harsh working conditions.

      Mr. Wang Meng, director of PMU membrane materials division of worry Technology: "we are honored to be able to develop electromagnetic wave (EMC type) PTFE formula materials with industry characteristics of communication field through technology integration, and can be rapidly applied in 5g communication application field. The function of the new material is highly centralized, meeting the characteristics of miniaturization of 5g communication electronic hardware module and fast transmission of millimeter wave big data.

About Voir PMU Division
     Voir technology has been focusing on the waterproof and air permeability of ePTFE materials for nearly 10 years, providing a variety of protection material solutions. Voir PMU division is a business department focusing on the development and application of PTFE materials, which is applied in new energy, electronic communication, sealing and protection, and other technology fields that need harsh stability. Voir has three core business units: ePTFE film materials division (PMU), elastic sealing polymer materials division (AMU) and material application components division (CBU). Worrytech please log in www.voir-tech.com.cn