Voir introduced a new material based on graphite filled expanded polytetrafluoroethylene film


      Voir technology believes that material innovation is the basis of industrial innovation. Recently, voir launched a new material of graphite filled high flexible wear-resistant film (voir) developed based on expanded polytetrafluoroethylene aims to improve the advanced materials of industrial dynamic sealing. They can be applied to many fields such as energy, petroleum, medical treatment, chemical industry and automobile, so as to solve the development problems of upgraded products for manufacturers, so as to provide consumers and end users with a more reliable and high-quality experience.


     The sealing industry has been trying to use various materials and schemes to improve the overall performance and service life of dynamic seals. However, these schemes and materials can only solve some problems and even bring greater risks. The new film material developed by voir based on expanded polytetrafluoroethylene filled with graphite has high flexibility, wear resistance and strong toughness. After simple hot pressing with elastomer, it produces a dynamic seal with chemical stability, wear resistance and smooth surface. It has less friction, longer service life and better sealing performance.

● combine with elastomer to produce smooth surface and reduce torque and wear of dynamic seal;
● high flexibility, wear resistance and long service life
● excellent elasticity and durable sealing
● high compliance, easy to be integrated in the mold
● chemically stable, not affected by coolant, hydraulic oil, refrigerant, transmission fluid and other media
● close mechanical connection without separation and falling off
About graphene
        Graphene is a revolutionary material with two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure and excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties.